About  Me

Crystal  Antoinette

Built to Reign

Listen, I am very familiar with the journey of finding oneself. And it’s no Crystal stair! From suicide attempts at 16, to 2 pregnancies in college, emotional and physical abuse to years of trying to find healing and love in many back relationships; I hit rock bottom. A Crystal broken into thousands of shards. I tried to fix what was broken in me but what I was doing wasn’t working.


I tried to suppress the pain and mask my wounds, but it didn’t work. People pleasing got me no closer to fulfilment. I was becoming more depleted. I was a certified church girl, born and raised with no relationship with God. Something had to give. After years of brokenness, in 2015 I finally surrendered to God, and there started my journey. I decided for myself and my son, there had to be more to life, and it was my job to find that for the both of us. I had to be rebuilt- from the bottom floor to the top. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it!

Although I had made strides, this caged bird became free after leaving a 10-year relationship that took me from my early twenties to my thirties. It was difficult. I was at a complete loss and had to discover who I was all while building a new life for myself and my son. Over the last 4 years, I have gone on a journey to rediscover who I was without the influence of a romantic relationship. Traversing trauma, forgiveness, and deep diving in my relationship with God; I have come to a place of healing and settlement of who I am outside of the life experiences and titles we often gain along the way.


I found by putting everything into proper order: God first, myself, and others, things began to change in my life. I began to pay off debts, finally achieved weight loss taking me out of the pre-diabetic status, multiple promotions, gained a solid friend group, built my business, and wrote my first book a Daughter’s Keeper. As daughters of the King, we are only powerful when we recognize who we are and the authority we have been given. No Cinderella’s here!

As I have made strides in my healing and wholeness journey, it is my passion to help women step into their Queendom. Now that I have come into my identity armed with purpose, I want to help other women to put on their crowns. It’s time to discover who you truly are, love authentically, and reign victoriously in all areas of your life