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Discover authenticity, love authentically, & reign victoriously

You are more than what you see, have more than you know, and are called to impact people you’ve never met
Let’s grow so we can go!

As a transformational coach and author, my passion is to help Queens rediscover themselves, become confident in who they were created to be, and move forward more boldly in purpose.

As co-heirs with Christ, we all have royal identity and the authority to move forward in purpose. The 4 pillars to help you get there are removing mental barriers, learning to walk in self-love, rediscovering yourself, and maximizing your potential.

It’s time to change your perspective about yourself. Your imperfections do not disqualify you, God qualifying you makes you perfect. So, throw away the pressure to be perfect and be willing to try. There is a you that has yet to be revealed.

Breathe, Lady Queen. Revel in who you have been created to be! Uniquely, masterfully, beautifully you. Purposefully you. Take the journey affirming yourself with love, renewing your mind, and healing your heart so that over time you grow into the powerful, confident, whole woman you’ve always wanted to be.

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Her Book

In a Daughter's Keeper, Crystal Antoinette writes her truth about paternal heartbreak and the journey to accepting God as her Heavenly Father. A former daddy's girl, Crystal shares how she went from operating in lost identity and rejection to living authentically as a healed, whole daughter of God.

What  Community Says

Crystal was open and transparent about her limitations and how she sought out help to manage those limitations. As women who wear many hats, we are pushed to be strong and independent to the point that we forget that we cannot do it alone and it can be challenging to ask for help.


It was refreshing to hear how she humbled herself to ask for help and how she navigated through those needed conversations. I would recommend Crystal as a speaker and coach because she is relatable, open, empathetic, and full of wisdom not only spiritual, but also provides practical strategies that can be used immediately.

Grace Onuegbu,
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